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Social prescribing- the COVID effect?

I put a post onto LinkedIn recently about re-engaging with social prescribing (SP) and got the biggest reaction I’ve had to any posting, which caused me to think that actually the SP programme is really getting some traction. Could this also be because of COVID and the health and care system recovery with people looking […]

What does your customer base look like now?

On the 23rd of March, going into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic many of us lost the ability to plug into the understanding of our businesses that we generate from our daily interactions with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. I’m sure like me you’ve heard lots of stories about businesses adapting to their new […]

What has what happened in Iowa got to do with us?

I’ve just given a really bad/rose tinted explanation of the Iowa caucus process to a colleague, (there’s a better one here). My colleague was however, very keen to point out its pitfalls: its exclusive by design or by accident, it has a poor track record (its a bit unfair to base this view on the […]


A friend has just got a really swanky health economics job and we’ve just had a fun chat about doughnuts and donuts. In the end we both agreed donuts are great (in moderation though………. we believe in public health) but Kate Raworth’s book: Doughnut Economics- seven ways to think like a 21st century economist, is […]

Where we started out wasn’t where we ended up

We’ve recently completed  a commission in the North of England, which in common with the way in which strategy development can take place, where we started out wasn’t where we ended up. Initially focussed on ‘preventing mental ill-health’ we ended up proposing some far reaching wellbeing measures within strategic planning for housing, jobs, green spaces […]

NHS Procurement Consultation Requirements and Brexit

I guess procurement colleagues are excited/appalled in equal measure regarding the implications of BREXIT on procurement practice. But that aside (and I know that’s a big ask) I’m interested in the relationship between procurement policy guidance and consultation best practice. If we agree that at very least procurement policy is ‘up in the air’ as […]

Its a curious thing…

I’ve started this blog a few times as I reflected on a recent piece of engagement work for a public health department within a Local Authority. The curiosity I was considering was how a discipline steeped in issues such as inequalities could find the principle of engaging with people who use services, stakeholders, residents so […]

Patient power in the NHS

>>> Patient power in the NHS Hi all, again haven’t blogged for a while……but I’ve been working on this paper with OPM. It highlights how patient power can be used to transform all levels of the health service – from shaping policy and system reforms, effecting service delivery changes, to transforming the dynamic between patients […]