What do CCGs do…more importantly what do you do…..?

I was talking to a colleague who works for a CCG recently and who was asking me to come and talk to some of her GPs in their protected learning time, about substance misuse service re-design. I said I had been working with the Commissioning Managers at the CCG and was assured that substance misuse was a priority (well alcohol misuse was anyway). My friend said ‘ yes but you still need to talk to the GPs ‘cos they won’t all agree with the CCG commissioners’. Now one of the things I could see the sense of in the new landscape was the boiling down structures into a straightforward connection between patients and commissioner via the GPs. Common sense then suggests that commissioning decisions about lots of patient care is done collectively hence a CCG.

However, in reality it may be a really big ask for GP commissioners to balance what they feel needs to be commissioned, informed by day-to-day contact with patients, with conflicting guidance from NHS England on policy or indeed evidence base. I just wonder if the latest guidance on patient and public involvement trans-part-hc-guid1 will resonate in a CCG under pressure from its own members to deliver improved patient care?

On a connected matter I mentioned the above conversation to my mate Dave who is building my website at the moment and he said ‘well never mind what does a CCG do, i don’t understand what you do…….’ I suppose that’s a downside to the AMP business model, its difficult to sound flexible and adaptive without appearing a bit shifty and vague. My concern about this problem has been compounded by the need to express myself more on my webpages…..I actually find it a bit difficult talking about what I do. Whilst in public service ( I like that term) I was extremely proud to work within the NHS, although not delivering care I was a Manager doing the stuff that difficult to explain to people outside of public service. Things like needs assessments, evidence reviews, commissioning plans, service designs, performance reviews, governance audits.

Now i’m a civilian or even more alarmingly a private sector provider I need to be clearer about what I do because the customer needs to know what they are buying. So……

…..’I’m Andy Mills, I work for AMP who provide user insight, qualitative research and consultancy services to private, public and voluntary sectors’

How’s that?